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Tuesday 200 - #13

Hey dude,

I totally promised Iíd email everyday, but itís been totally busy. Sucks you couldnít come. Your momís such a bitch (but hey, you knew that, right? Heh). Itís not like you were the only one who set the school on fire. Totally sucks you got caught. Heh heh.

Fuck Ö dude Ö itís cool right? Nobody reads this account but you, right? I hope so. So anyway Ö this ski trip is totally awesome. Snowboarding rocks. Thereís this instructor, Heidi, she totally wants to blow me.

Everybody is really cool and the chicks dig my American accent. I canít understand much of what anybodyís saying, but whatever. I just pretend Iím in one of those faggy art movies that you tell me I should like. Truth, I just stand there and then all of a sudden five smokin' Swiss chicks wants to make out with me. But Iím holding out for the hot instructor. Only cock block is this fairy goat herding guy she likes. Such a total geek. Once I get her away from him and her Grandpa McGrumperfuck it will be 'Alpine' (thatís my new word for golden Ö start using it now).



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