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Welcome to the Hoodie

MSNBC reports ...

David Banda flew via Johannesburg from Malawi overnight with one of the U.S. pop starís bodyguards and her personal assistant and arrived at Londonís Heathrow airport at around 6:30 a.m. local time.

She's gonna be a great mom. "Have the bodyguard and a PA pick him up. I'll be at yoga."

Can you imagine how traumatized that child is right now? One week he's starving in Malawian and now he's being whisked on private jets with armed guards and a hoodie over his head, plopped into a town-mansion.

He's heard very little English (I'm assuming) and all these white people, with new and varying accents (especially his new mum's), are saying "you're the new prince, we love you, welcome to pop royalty. Your new mommy will be with you as soon as she sorts out all the legal ramifications. Oh, and put this red string on your wrist. But let's not make this a public circus."

Too. Late.

I'm sure that he'll have a better life than if he had to stay in Africa without aid, that is as long as she actually gets to keep him. It's just a lot to put a kid through for what seems to be a "look at me, I can do anything" stunt.