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Autumn Leaves

All of a sudden I've got a big pile of fiction to read ...

Because CB has requested demanded that I'm able to discuss it with him post haste. It's been on my shelf forever. I got a reading copy before it even came out, and I know so many people that have loved it. I just never sat down and gave it the time.

When the Stars Come Out

Because all the cool Famous kids are doing it.

The Devil in Amber

Because it's the sequel to one of my favorite books in the past 2 years. The Vesuvius Club was absolutely hysterical.

Alternatives to Sex

Because he wrote The Object of My Affection, which is one of my favorite novels.

Plus, I'm still working on a re-read of High Fidelity for a writing workshop.

Oh well, it's good to be back in the ADD bookclub.