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Forget all Your Troubles

It is a little known fact that Petula Clark is actually Julianne Moore's mother.

"Downtown" was my favorite song when I was little. I guess I'll have to go see her, since I couldn't get the Scissor Sisters tickets I wanted for that night.

Been a busy week ...

Went on two interviews.

Enjoyed Shortbus and Little Children at the London Porn Film Festival.

Helped break up a bar fight at The Black Cap last night. Some guy in a suit went ballistic because someone called him "a wanker." Those Brits and their tough skins.

Season 7 of The West Wing arrived, as did Famous Author Rob Byrnes' new novel.

Have another interview on Monday.

And oh look at the time. I've got guests coming over in an hour and the flat's a disaster.

So why am I blogging?