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T Minus Two Hours

Ah, turkey looks and smells perfect, has a little over an hour to go. Veggies are coming along smartly (except for one aborted batch of candied yams ... came out too soft, but very tasty ... made a nice lunch).

Still haven't conquered the perfectionist thing.

I'm worried there's not enough food, that it's not festive enough, and that the new batch of sweet potatoes will be a disaster.

Larry reminds me I'm like this every time I cook a big meal, and that there's always too much food and that the theme of this year is "Thanksgiving Simplicity."

Oh great, and I went and bought Butterick patterns for the Pilgrim drag. Wouldn't that be a great pre-dinner activity? Have everyone whip up a costume?

Instead, I'm offering blank paper, pens and crayons. Everyone gets to trace their hand and create their own turkey drawing.


Life is just a pale extension of kindergarten.

Guests arriving soon *and* I knocked out 1,600 words on the Nano project (still behind, but I'll be fine). Was going to try to get a run/workout in, but it's a holiday, well not here in London, but you know what I mean.

Enjoy your tryptophan.