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Hans Brinker and the Missing Leftovers

I didn't cook enough.

Oh sure, everyone left more than full, and there's a lot of turkey left in the fridge, and I have a pie and half sitting on the kitchen counter. Trouble is, I'm out of stuffing. And I'd really like some reheated stuffing right about now. It was sooooo good. Only had a small bowlful left, and that was this afternoon's lunch.

Gee, Bob, how did you work up such an appetite today, after all that gobbling yesterday?

Well, since you asked, I'll tell you. I kicked off the Christmas season tonight with a bit of ice skating at the Tower of London. One of last night's turkey boys had passes for tonight's press preview, and it was really lovely. I even got the beefy, albeit probably only 1y years old, East London ice marshall to help me skate backwards. Old dogs can learn new tricks.

Watched the new French and Saunders sitcome, Jam and Jeruslem tonight (yes, an early evening of skating ... how grown up we've become), which had a few chuckles but was sort of hit and miss. Then again, the first show of a new season is always a little dodgy, what with the exposition and new character development, eh? I wonder if Jenniefer Saunders sat down with John Plowman and said, let's just get everyone we know to get together in Devon and have a piss.

Joanna Lumley is nearly unrecognizable, but does ride a bike remarkably well and has a brilliant silent Patsy moment at the end of the episode. Dawn French's Rose is the new Bubble, sort of, and we didn't see enough of Margaret (Ms French will play two characters). I'm sure we'll see more of her as the season goes on.

Best line of the show: "Have you given death a color yet?"

Hopefully, this won't be a new Mirrorball, and J&J won't need a freshly knitted coffin anytime soon.