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Un Ataque de Nervios

Shiite terrorists. Mad women shooting handguns in airports. Love gone awry. A 28-year old Antonio Banderas. And, claro, lots of gazpacho.

I haven't seen Almodovar's Women on the Verge of A Nervous Breakdown in almost 20 years. It's so well done, and so very funny. Homages everywhere. A little Rear Window, a little Strangers on a Train, a chord or two of Johnny Guitar.

And, oh yes, some more gazpacho.

Between this and Volver, Carmen Maura is one of my new heroes.

:: :: ::

Meanwhile, my Toronto boys should have been home hours ago. They were on a 12.5-hour bus tour of Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath that should have returned to Victoria 3 hours ago. I'm almost beginning to get worried. Hopefully they decided to go out drinking to wash away the pain of a day on a tour bus, and aren't stuck in traffic somewhere.