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Stars and the Moon

I got my chart read last week by the beautiful Annie Lionnet. Isnít it interesting that someone who makes a good deal of their living from the planets and stars is so completely down-to-earth? Have her do your chart. If youíre lucky, sheíll make you some soup as well.

So what did she tell me? A few things I didnít know, such as I have Scorpio rising (I thought it was Sagittarius), that I have no fire in my chart (so just where does all the anger come from?) and that I have a Grand Trine in water (which is, Iím told, a gift).

She also told me that just about everything in my world (or at least my chart) is in a state of ďdynamic flux.Ē This didnít come as much of a surprise to me.

I need to be open to all kinds of change, some of which is only just beginning. She said, ďalthough Iím not psychic, I see pictures sometimes. In your case, itís like youíre trying to get out of a too-tight suit jacket that just doesnít fit you anymore.Ē

Howíd she know that stone or so Iíve picked up over the past few months makes my business suits (which I only wear to interviews now) feel more uncomfortable than usual? And howíd she know Iíd be thrilled to never have to wear a business suit again?

So itís all about change and reinvention and coming into my authentic self; shedding roles that Iíve adopted in efforts to conform and please people who are important to me. Just who is this new Bob? Weíre not really sure. Maybe writer Bob? Maybe Life Club Bob? Maybe Iíll finally develop a taste for Scotch? All we know is itís crucial to be open to all new possibilities (sound advice for anyone, I reckon), and that this cycle of change is going to last until July 2009. Go with the flow Ö which should be easy with all the water in my chart, as long as I don't drown in it.

(And how crazy is it that, as I type this, iTunes shuffle is serenading me with '"Watershed" by the The Indigo Girls.

She also said I was in for a huge change with the full moon on 3 March 2007, which also happens to be an eclipse (an event which did not bode very well with her). She couldnít have known thatís when I should be getting my visa renewed.

You might remember my HSMP visa worries from the beginning of this year, when I was made redundant and had to switch my work permit status. Seems that the Home Office has changed the rules for HSMP visas, and I no longer qualify for an extension. So it looks like the only (legal) way to stay in the UK is to become a dependant on Lís work permit. I spoke with a lawyer solicitor yesterday and she seems to think there will be no big problems, except for two minor glitches. One is that I lose my tenure on being in the UK and have to start over with the 5-year period necessary to apply for unlimited leave to remain. The other is that I canít apply for the change of visa status in this country. I have to go back to NY and spend the day at the British Embassy (and bring L along with me). So I guess Iíll tag along on a business trip heís got scheduled in the beginning of the year. Iíve got until March to make the change Ö maybe it will happen on the full moon.

Or maybe the stars are lining up to create a change we hadnít really thought of Ö deported Bob.

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Up on the watershed
Standing at the fork in the road
You can stand there and agonize
Till your agony's your heaviest load
You'll never fly as the crow flies
Get used to a country mile
When you're learning to face
The path at your pace
Every choice is worth your while