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Is There an MD in the House?

What a perfectly gray day. I nursed a holiday hangover and watched Imitation of Life. I would very much like a 1959 John Gavin for Christmas. He's dreamy. And those blue sunglasses that Lana Turner wore at Sandra Dee's graduation ... fabulous.

In more significant news, it was announced today that Larry got the Managing Director title he's been working so hard for. All those long nights refilling the ATMs has finally paid off. It's actually a pretty big deal ... less then 10% of the 300,000 people in the Empire are brought into the MD fold. So good on him. Our little Toronto postman has done pretty darn well for himself, eh? It's a proud day. And how did he celebrate? By working late on a Friday night. Old habits die hard.

I think I'll make his favorite meal for supper Kraft Dinner for everyone!