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Up far too early with the newly minted MD this morning, and so I immediately assumed my most favorite reclining, magic-quilt covered pose on the sofa. He had the news on, of course (no Lifetime movies at this hour).

And then I began to lament. What happened to good old-fashioned Saturday morning television? What I would have given for a flight to Tranquility Forrest with my Bugaloos buddies? Or a visit to Lidsville. Even HR Puffenstuff (who you call when things get tough) would have sufficed. Maybe a half an hour with The Tick and Arthur. I'd even had settled for some plain ol' Looney Tunes ... Bugs giving Gossamer a manicure.

"Monsters lead such interesting lives."

So I went back to sleep.

And now I've got 2 pumpkin pies in the oven and they smell amazing.