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The Black Holes That Surround You ...

... Are Heavier By Far

My recent indocrination to Spring Awakening has left me wanting to hear the rest of the show. Only two more sleeps, and it will arrive with CB on Tuesday. I'm missing NY just a little, mostly because I want to see it and Dreamgirls. January will be here soon enough.

Listening to and/or watching this video over the past few days made me a little hungry for Duncan Sheik's first single. I was a big fan. Tossed it on the iPod this afternoon and was drawn back to bopping around Manhattan, air-guitaring its catchy chords and singing along with the angsty lyrics I learned a decade ago.

ĎCause I am barely breathing
And I canít find the air
I donít know who Iím kidding
Imagining you care

And I could stand here waiting
A fool for another day
But I donít suppose itís worth the price, worth the price
The price that I would pay
But Iím thinking it over anyway...

I was coming up with a list of bad New Year's resolutions with Eduardo this afternoon, while we were out shopping having a restorative from last night's Watford holiday gala.

Perhaps I've just come up with another ... Why ignore the angst when you can embrace the angst it!