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Shifting Perspective

We decided to forego the requisite time and resulting mess of a big tree this year. We're not going to be around Xmas day anyhow, so we went with less is more. But I still wanted some lights and baubles.

It looks cute, my dwarf of a tree. And dwarfed it is, next to the window. And if anyone's wondering, the Stella is chilling for Santa. He'll still come even if we're not here, right? (click 'em to see the big ones)

minitree.JPG minitree2.JPG

:: :: ::

Last night we went to Big Dave's new place. It's in the restored orphanage in Watford.

The window in Dave's living room is spectacular. Several of the portholes open, and I can only imagine what a full moon looks like shining through. I've included a shot with hunched drunkard (auditioning for a new musical of Richard II) for purposes of scale. (same click 'em rules apply)

daveswindow.JPG daveswindow2.JPG

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And I know we all love our pets, "anytime and anywhere" ... but this is just wrong, and available at a leather store Selfridges near you.