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My Cheating Art

I had a proper story mapped out for yesterday's 200, which I was going to edit and post before midnight.

Who knew I'd be out till 2 in the morning? As has been said before, the best nights are the ones you don't plan. And so, the miracle of pre-dating got it in on time ... sort of. As Eduardo reminds us "It's Tuesday somewhere."

My editing skills were not on top form by the time I got home, so I cobbled together overheard conversations from last night. I'm not sure that's really in line with the brief. Then again, I might have embellished a quote or two, so I suppose we can count it as fiction.

Besides, it's Christmas and who'd want to read a twisted tale of an "other woman's" neurotic obsessions and plans to exact holiday revenge on her lover's wife? It can always go back into the "ideas" file.

So thanks to Samuel Smith (ah, the poisonous Pure Brewed) and the cast of characters who made last night more fun (and more late) than expected. Congratulations to the new daddy-to-be. Hats (and pants) off to the slimmed down Aussie actor who had everyone's hearts (and other parts) aflutter. Knowing nods of agreement to The X Factor critics. Bless the ohterwise soft-spoken Panamanian investment banker with nationality issues.P rops to the traveller who had forgotten how cute English boys could be, and then pulled a Russian.

Okay then. Must wrap some gifts and get the place ready for a mini MD celebration tonight. See y'all at the Swan around midnight.