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Tuesday 200 - #24

Snippets overheard at Barbie’s Dream Gay Bar, where there are more Kens than Skippers (or GI Joes) …

“I’d make out with you, but you like Girls Aloud more than Sugar Babes.”


“You’re beautiful, are you Brazilian?”

“No, I’m from Nicaragua.”

“Pretty much the same, innit? Wanna snog?”


“Who’d fuck Eddie Munster?”


“Leona’s like Mariah, but with the eyes of a dead fish. No soul.”

“Do you mean sole like the fish or soul like Aretha?”

“Shut up before I hit you with the sole of my shoe. Get me a G&T.”


Guy 1: “I’m not Brazilian. I have a legal job, not from the back of QX. I’m from Panama. There’s a difference.”

Guy 2: “What do you mean?”

Guy 1: “You’re English, right? If I said you were American, you’d be pissed, right?”

Guy2: “Not really.”

Guy 1: “Well you should be. I mean if you’re Canadian, like him,” pointing to third guy, “you’d hate being called American.”

Guy 3: “Um, I’m American.”

Guy 1: “Sorry, you seem nice, like a Canadian.”


“You’re into him, aren’t you?”

“He’s okay.”

“Oh come on. I’m straight, married, and have two kids. I’d totally shag him.”

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