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Slice of Life

The police haven't been here for days now. Things seem so boring.

There was a stabbing in the neighborhood last Friday night. We woke up on Saturday and the square was cordoned off, with CSI Marylebone walking up the street looking for evindence. Later that day, a nice young constable came up to ask us if we'd seen or heard anything. We hadn't.

That's the second stabbing in a month here. We asked if there would be extra police on patrol, but he said no. The one a few weeks ago (3 men stabbed, one died) was "just a one-off, these things happen. But last night's was strange, so forensics is out looking."

Apparently the guy got stabbed down the road (on Edgeware, if you know the hood), and wandered 3-4 blocks to our block, where he found someone and called for help. At about 9:30 pm. Weird that you could walk four blocks with a stab wound and not see anybody or get help before that.

Maybe that's the strange part.