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MIA: Morpheus

Can't sleep.

This is becoming an all-too regular occurrence: go to bed sometime after midnight, toss and turn for a half-hour, come back to the living room, read or watch tv, fall asleep on the sofa around 3 or 4, wake up in the morning and then go to bed, where I dream outrageous dreams until 10 or 11. It's still the RDA of 8ish hours, just not as restful as I'd like. Then I'm tired around 5 or 6, but when midnight rolls around I'm wide awake and my mind is thinking of a million things.

And me without any Ambien. How did that happen?

Here's the worst thing: all I really want is a Diet Coke ... which I know would just keep me up. Haven't had one all day (a rare day indeed), nor have I had any coffee. Only one cup of tea with breakfast. So basically I'm caffeine free (a rarer day indeed), craving cola and worried about not sleeping (since I have to be somewhere in the morning), which makes me all the less prone to fall asleep.

Okay then, kettle's on. Chamomile/lavender tea awaits with a new book, The Dream Thief. Erm, no ¨-- how Freudian was that? My new novel is The Book Thief. No spoilers please.

But isnít a dream thief a really good idea for a story? Hmmmmmmm Ö..