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This Little Piggy Went to the Movies

Last night I saw something I've never seen before.

I was at the movies, settling in to watch A Prairie Home Companion. These two guys came into our row, shuffled past us, and made themselves comfortable a few seats down. Maybe a little too comfortable?

The tall one proceeded to take off his jacket, scarf, and jumper. Then he untied his trainers, and took them off. And then came the socks. I thought he might be changing out of something wet, as it had rained at some point in the afternoon. But no, he just plopped his bare feet on top of his shoes and snuggled in next to his date.

The movie started, and there were empty rows in front of us. So barefoot boy and his boyfriend climbed over a row of seats, and then another one, ending up two rows in front of us. Another snuggle, a little snog (ah, cute ... when was the last time I made out at the movies?). And then barefoot boy sits back and plops his naked feet up on the back of the seat in front of him.

England ... it's so civilized.

I really enjoyed the film, especially Meryl and Lily in their backstage scenes. Not the best Robert Altman (RIP) film ever, but a really fun night at the cinema. Bare feet and all.

:: :: ::

Speaking of feet, mine are holding up very well, thanks for asking. A 7-mile run today ended the first week of official training for the London Flora Marathon. I got a charity entry, and I (and hopefully you) will be supporting the Terrence Higgins Trust. I'm committed to raise 1,000. The marathon is April 22, and my goal is to beat 4 hours 30 minutes. That's about 30 minutes off my personal best, which I ran in Chicago a few years back.

What better way to start the year than with a little philanthropy? Click here for my fundraising page, and drop a few tax-deductible dollars/pounds my way. Thanks in advance for your generosity.