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Governor Dearest

In the world of "things going awry" disaster movies, there are certain indicators as to whether or not we should take the scenario seriously.

For instance, Bill Pullman as POTUS in Independence Day? You know you'll need a grain or two of salt.

Tonight Larry's catching up on part two of Pandemic (it's so ahead of its time that IMDB lists it as "in production" perhaps it's only in previews here?). Who could be more believable as a government official leading her constituency through a crisis?

Faye Dunaway as Governor of California.

I noted that surely it must be camp, but Larry assures me (he watched part one) that it is compelling drama. Hes even staying up past his bedtime to finish it out.

As for compelling camp, Ugly Betty (finally) debuted here last night, and I believe Britain has every right to sue for humor deprivation. Then again, we have Jade and Jackiey (sic) on Celebrity Big Brother. And yes, yes, I know, we have Katie/Jordan and Peter, and Alan Carr as Gay-9 on The Friday Night Project did make me laugh ... so there's plenty of comedy here.

Anyway, I rarely enjoy pilot episodes, but Ugly Betty was spot on, and I'm told it only gets better.

My two favorite lines from last night:

1. "Are you the before?"

2. "Chamomile?"

I fear I may need to watch the whole season online when I go back to the States in a few weeks. Delayed gratification was never one of my strong suits.