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Bloghuh? 2

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Today’s mystification regards the rebranding of a collection of property management companies I’d interviewed with. They are in the process of changing all of their individual business names from fairly well-known entities to that of the holding company … the name of which means “of the hedgehog family; like, or characteristic of, a hedgehog.”

I asked the head of marketing about the relevance of a hedgehog to a one-stop-shop for property management. Seems she was a bit befuddled as well. “Well that’s’ the question, isn’t it?” she said. Apparently one of the senior exec’s wife thinks hedgehogs are really cute, so that’s what they called the group.

So now, years later, they want their 7,000+ employees, many of which are loyal to the companies which hired them, as well as their tens of thousands of clients, to realign themselves to the image of a small, spiky, nocturnal creature that can roll into a ball. All 'cause the first lady liked the name. How’s that for market testing?

One can see the challenges in making brand associations. However, I think I found one. A hedgehog’s gestation period is 40-58 days. I suggested that if they could turn around a new property acquisition, or roll out a new process in the same time period, that they’d have a logical, marketable fit.

All too mysterious that I didn’t get the job.

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