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Press Clippings

A certain new MD called something like Laurent De Noir is in the FT and the Wall Street Journal (but not the European version I bought) today.

He is very excited. He never thought his name would be in the paper without being on an obituary page. Or maybe a police blotter.

Barclays bought a full-page ad and included headshots of their new big wigs. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

UPDATE: His MD-ness just called, arriving into NY several hours behind schedule, due to delays on the ground and then strong headwinds. Apparently there were "troubles with BA," and he got bumped to first class. Not business, mind you, but first. Hate when that happens ... to other people.

UPDATE 2: Have had a few emails/phone calls about the newspaper mentions. Who knew he had such a fan club? The piece is in an advertisement placed by the umbrella-holding company that never sleeps, so you won't be finding it online. It's on page 27 of the UK FT, and I think on page 9 of the US WSJ. Not sure about placement in other regional editions.