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Tuesday 200 - #27

“We didn’t have PoKeMonster or this Ninendonuts," Grandpa said, cracking open a can of PBR. "We had marbles."

"Just play, grandpa." The old guy’s keeping up with me on Mario Kart. Unbelievable.

"Right-oh, Chaddy boy." He tapped out a Winston with one hand, and tapped his console with the other. Shit. He passed me.

“Ha ha! Oh sure, you kids can swing a sword with your thumb, but that can’t beat winning all of that jagged-toothed bully Sal Moonington's cat's eyes. I had the best shooter ... looked just like a glass eye."

“Sure you did,” I rolled my eyes. He just won’t shut up. Totally like mom.

Grandma brought in a couple of Barq's.

"Remember Sal?" he asked Grandma.

"Oh yes, nice smile. I quite liked him."

"You didn't like him so much when he’d lost all his loot, did ya? Nope Chad, girls always like a winner. A winner with a big, full pouch, right Elly?”

"Yes, dear," Grandma said, settling down next to him with her knitting.

"That's why I started dating your grandma, y’know. She could hold a sack of balls like nobody's business."

"Melvin! That’ll be quite enough," Grandma said, smacking him on the head.

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