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Comfort and Joy

The last time I saw community theater was close to 20 years ago, when I was in Prescription: Murder at some suburban playhouse here in Cincinnati.

Last night I ventured into that cold, dark cave again. One of my dearest friends from high school days is in the Edge of the Creek's (that's Beavercreek*, for those of you keeping score at home) production of Bat Boy. I drove up last night for a visit and to sit in on a rehearsal.

Christopher Guest could not have put together a better evening's entertainment.

The cast is a fine collection of talent, and they're having fun and giving it their all for nothing but their own enjoyment. Brilliant. There are some amazing voices working under excellent musical direction. And if you get thrown by the lack of actual direction and occasional lapses of pacing/acting ability, there's always Michael, the 19-year old musical theater major with the ripped body of a twink pornstar who keeps losing his clothes.

My world is a better place for driving to Dayton.

In other news ... I'm now a Wii wizard, although my shoulders are a little sore this morning from tennis, golf and boxing. Totally getting one when I get home.

No, really ... the city is called Beavercreek. And there's a strip mall with a bowling alley called, I swear, Beaver Vu Bowl. I think it's where Britney goes.