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Notes on Notes

There was a time when I saw most all the "must-see" films within the first few days of release. I guess it started in my pre-teens, when I'd ride my bike down to Fashion Square Mall and see whatever was playing at the multi-plex.

Much like Fantine's hair and my green Huffy with a banana seat, those days are gone. It's not that it all went wrong, but movies are on totally different release schedules over here, and I guess I'm just not as motivated anymore. Maybe I should make more of an effort, but with a hard-drive full of recently purchased TV series and an ever growing stack of books to read ...

Anyway, finally got around to seeing Notes on a Scandal this afternoon.

It's excellent. Wanna know what the best part was?

Was it going to the Curzon Mayfair for the first time? As cool as the cinema was, and I look forward to going back often, that was not the best part.

Was it Philip Glass' initially overbearing but ultimately effective score? Nope.

Was it Le Cate's often understated performance that became electrified me when she battered Barbara with the gold-starred journal, digging into her most guttural voice as she called her a vampire? While compelling, not the best part of the afternoon.

Was it Dame Judi's oh-so-sympathetic portrayal of a poor, misunderstood, sweet, doting, completely rational woman who wants nothing more than a chat and cuddle from her kitty? Gosh, she was creepy, eh? Yes, she was brilliant, but not the best part.

No, the piece de resistance of the cinematic experience reared its head immediately after the closing credits. I went into the gents and found the only empty space in a wall full of old-fashioned urinals, sidling up between Larry and a dapper elderly gent with a full mane of white hair, khaki trousers and a tweed jacket. He totally, and without a modicum of discretion, leaned over for a look at the urinal, and then gave a smile. Cottaging at the Curzon.

Did the old guy learn nothing from Barbara Covett? Or did he think the film was a pep rally cum how-to lesson for attracting younger companions?

Can I get an ee-eww?