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Out of Service

It's been said that when people irritate you it is time to hold up a mirror, for the things that make you angry in other are the things the bug you about yourself.

Well I must be a fairly awful person, not to mention incompetent, rude, unhelpful and vaguely superior.

Yes, I've been dealing with customer service reps on the phone again. Banks. Cable companies. Bastions of inhumanity, every last one of them.

Maybe I'm just irritated with myself. I'm feeling a little stifled. I'm loving my world and most everyone in it, just feeling like anything I set my sights on doesn't really hold up to the initial idea. Projects seem more of a painful waste of time than an inspiration. Things I've been writing aren't panning out, trending toward the amateurish and trivial.

I know, let the ideas oook and then come back to them. But sooner or later things get overcooked and they're just burnt down to a bitter reduction.

Maybe I'm just not giving myself the level friendly customer service I think I deserve.