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Modifying the Plan

I fished the key to the garden gate out of the drawer. I was just getting ready to go into the square, plop myself down in one of the wooden chairs, and make some flash cards of phonetic symbols and verb tenses. A simple Saturday soaking up some sun and studying for Monday's teacher training.

I stepped out on to the balcony for a quick test of the air ... to wear a sweater jumper or not was the most taxing question of the day.

And then I saw it. The mommy brigade. Three moms (or maybe nannies), 8 kids and 3 strollers. Surely they're all out for a walk and not heading into my peaceful, quiet square. I'd looked out there just 15 minutes ago and all I saw was one kindly old woman reading a book. It could have been so perfect.

There are now 2 sets of picnic blankets. Three groups of toddlers are running about playing tag and trying to steal each other's toys. Not ten minutes into playtime and I can already hear squeals and tears and scoldings from across the street.

The octogenarian bookworm has sought refuge elsewhere. It's too loud even with her hearing aid turned off.

Oh well. I guess all is not lost. I wonder where all the dads are?

Maybe playing footie in Hyde Park with their shirts off. Not the studying in my original plan, but teachers must be flexible, right?