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Back to School

So I got one of those mass-mailed e-mail jokes from my FAVORITE cousin. Normally I scan them, have a chuckle ("tut, tut ... oh that Ohio vs. Kentucky humor") and go about my business.

Tonight though, I responded. A reply to all. I thought it funny. I'm hoping I didn't cross a line ...

Roses are red, carnations are crass
Back Hover's cousin or get fucked in the ass

:: :: ::

Apologies to the feint of heart, but if you know my cousin Chris ... well on behalf of the family I'm so sorry.

So here's the deal. I'm his cousin Bobby, the fun one, living in London. I'm running a marathon (yes, 26.2 miles) for charity next week and I've been remiss in my fundraising.

Please go here .... http://www.justgiving.com/bobzyeruncle ... and sponsor me if you can. The smallest input is welcome (just ask Tina).

La la la. Oh, by the way, Tina's his wife and the mother of his 3 lovely children. Well, 2 lovely children and Britney (did ever you get your car stereo, my love?).

Aren't family in-jokes fun (and appropriate) on a blog?

:: :: ::

In other news, I start school tomorrow for CELTA training (whose web site is mysteriously down right now ... this does not bode well).

Just what *is* a 44-year old man doing starting school to get certified to have a part-time career? I'd have second thoughts, but the money's been paid and I'm in for the ride.

I'm both eager and anxious for the whole thing to begin. I'm told it will be a very intense four weeks and to not plan on getting anything else done for the duration.

How hard can it be?

Watch this space ...