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Tuesday 200 - #40

“So I said, ‘so long’ and leaned for a kiss but he pulls back and goes, ‘No, Shawn. Really. This is goodbye. Good luck with your life.’ Then he just twirls down 44th Street and hails a cab.”

“And he calls you the drama queen?” Richie says, picking an olive out of his dirty martini.

“Right? I was fishing for a comeback, but then a taxi pulls up like it was just waiting for him. In the fucking rain, no less.” I rubbed the Nicorette patch on my shoulder, trying to make the craving go away. Breakups so were invented for Benson & Hedges. “Who can get a cab in a thunderstorm?”

“The devil. That’s who,” Richie says, patting my hand. “I warned you about dating the Latins, they’re evil or nuts. Speaking of …“ and he slides a bowl of cashews down the bar.

“But he was hot.”

“Darling, they’re all hot. They’re from hell. Of course they’re hot.” Richie motions to the bartender. “Another round for Mary McDumped and me.”

“So what’s on for tonight?” Richie asks.

“Well … ” I whispered. “I built a fake Manhunt profile and he’s meeting ‘Rico’ at Splash.”

“You didn’t.”

“You coming?”

“You bet.”

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