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Two Syllables, Sounds Like ...

Busy busy busy.

Things Iíve learned in the past few days:

  • Learning to teach ESL is just one big lesson in charades.

  • Itís better to over prepare and have things go awry than to wing it.

  • Boys from the land of Borat donít sound anything like him.

  • Sleep is overrated, and I donít miss it as much as I thought I would.

  • People who stand next to the tube doors in the morning are just as rude and stupid as they were a year ago. Itís good to know there are some constants in this ever-changing world.

  • There is a level of diminishing returns for additional preparation, but I havenít found the balance yet.

  • Having to teach the passive for one's first "real" teaching practice is a cruel joke from the grammar gods. Next one is vocabulary about criminals. That' more up my alley.

  • I need to work on anchoring myself. No news there.