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We hit the half-way point for the CELTA course yesterday, and I feel like thereís a light at the end of the tunnel. Itís a much better midpoint than last Sundayís run, when I pretty much lost my will to live. Was the marathon only last Sunday? Itís amazing how quickly the pain goes away and you start convincing yourself that wasnít so bad, I think I could do that again.

Maybe thatís one of the reasons women keep having natural childbirth. Selective memory isnít such a bad thing, eh?

Last night, I was having drinks with a friend who did the same course about five years ago. I told her that I thought the worst was over and that the workload over the next couple weeks would be much more manageable. She just looked at me over her glass of white wine with an expression of, ď bless Ö you just keep thinking that, you naive little fool.Ē There was another person out last night whoíd been through it and said ďall I remember is that the month went by in a blur of sleep deprivation. My friends thought the authorities had finally caught up with me and taken me into custody.Ē

By most accounts (mine and my tutors') Iím a squidge ahead of the standard required to successfully finish, but not coasting by any means. And Iím good with that. Iím not trying to ďjust passĒ, but Iím also stopping short of killing myself to be the ďbest in show.Ē There really is a threshold of diminishing returns on how much you do for this course. Iím not sure that I know where that threshold is, and Iím probably on the wrong side of it, but not too far past the mark. And at the end of the day, a B+ is really okay.

Of course, if anyone gets overall higher marks than me, Iíll have to kill them Ö but weíll push them off that bridge when we come to it.

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