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Tuesday 200 - #43

Sixteen hours ago she was the most beautiful woman hed ever seen. When Heather walked down the aisle, Bryan wasnt sure hed last the ceremony. How often does the groom well up before the bride?

The wedding was his idea. Heather would have been happy to see a Justice of the Peace in Albuquerque, get hitched in a hot air balloon floating across the Serengeti, or just keep living together.

As long as Im with you, nothing else matters, shed told him countless times. But no. He wanted to show her off, to let everyone know this goddess chose him over all the others.

Sixteen hours ago his dreams had come true. And now, fighting more tears, he looked at her silently sleeping in their honeymoon bed, her auburn hair a fiery halo. Not able to sleep on the plane, shes still crashed and oblivious to her own impossible beauty as well as their Caribbean surroundings. Wide awake, hed headed down the gym.

He twisted the band of white gold on his left hand. Sixteen hours ago it was all he ever wanted.

And now, hed trade it in a heartbeat for another hour with the Argentine fitness instructor downstairs.

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