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Loaves and Wishes

I woke up this morning to the whirring roar of a lawnmower. Could be annoying, but closer inspection yields two rather lovely looking lads across the street tending to the square.

I hated having to mow the grass when I was younger. Absolutely hated it.

I'd open the windows to let in the smell of freshly cut grass, but that would take away from the scent of banana bread that I'm baking in the kitchen.

Yup, this is my Wednesday morning drinking a cup of tea in front of my window, watching the boys cutting grass and waiting for my bread to bake.

When did I become a suburban housewife?

Wasn't I just in Amsterdam 48 hours ago? Quelle monde.

I got my grade back from school. Did better than I expected (yay me!) and am very pleased. I have a meeting/interview with the Director of Studies for the Executive Center of my ESL college this afternoon -- it's the part of the school that teaches business English to executives. Maybe all those years of Brand This! will lead to something after all.

And if not, I can always bake.