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The Wedding Marsh

From the steel trap mind of Jodie Marsh ...

Fuck, Katie Jordan crapface Price is getting all this attention because her darling Peter (I say a person has never been better named, he's just a dick) is dying of some mystery disease that starts with an 'e' ... electrolysis or something.

Paris is going to jail. Hmm, there's an idea. But spending time the CBB house was enough like prison for me, so no thanks.

And that 2-bit pop tart Lily Allen (who wouldn't be famous if it weren't for her geezer dad ... yeah I'd have done him back when, but I'm totally respectable now) has gone and winehoused about being too fat on her blog, after slagging off Kate and her size-zero Top Shop line. How do I get a line at Top Shop? Well, I've done plenty in the changing room, but that's different. Anyway, boo hoo Lily Allen. What a crock of a publicity stunt that was. Nobody came to my rescue when I was bullied on Celebrity Big Brother and wrote about it on my blog.

I need better material. And more lip liner. And a husband. That will get me more publicity. It worked for Anna Nicole (bless, she finally reached her target weight) and it worked for that no talent skank Jordumb .... it's bound to work for me too!

I know ... I'll get a husband on the web. A couple of those gay boys I'm always showing my baps off with can design web pages. Yeah, that's just what I'll do.

Who wants to marry ME?