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Step Away from the Co-Eds

Here's a fun new game ...

Stand outside the Globe Theatre and spot groups of 20-somethings with American accents. Then ask them what college they go to.

I was looking for the Mercyhurst College tour. You know, that bastion of baccalaureate brilliance on the southern shores of Lake Erie. I did not find said group.

I did however, meet up with wary audience members from University of Richmond, Ithaca College, and Dennison University. The lady from Dennison was Ohio through and through -- friendly, chatty, and 40 pounds overweight. I know my people. I neglected to ask her if it was still the drug haven that we knew it as when I attended Wittenberg.

It's funny the looks you get when you saunter up to a gaggle of giggling sorority girls and say, "Excuse me, which group are you with?"

"Like, how did you know we're with a group?"

I told them I was psychic.

I didn't find my college friend (he's now teaching at Mercyhurst), but I did see Eamonn Walker of Othello. He's much bigger than he was in Oz. Kinda hot, carrying all those bouquets of flowers. I wonder if there are any prison scenes in this production.

Here's a tidbit I just read -- Mr. Walker is the first black man to play Othello at the Globe. Can that really be true?

The times they are a changin'.