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A Lost Weekend

Cold and gray, windy and drizzly. Seems like most any Memorial Day we spent in Provincetown, back in the days we used to head up to the Cape for the long pre-summer weekend.

London just wants us to feel "at home" it seems.

The big news of the weekend is the Lost finale.

Spoilers ahead.

Hurley in the van sort of made me well up a little. I love when the underdog saves the day. Not too surprised that they didn't shoot Sayid etc.

Jack's beard ... it was terrible. And while I thought he was in the future (cause surely we'd have known about his oxycontin habit by now if it'd been in the past), I kept thinking, "well on the island his stubble's almost as gray as mine ... surely they're dying his hair by now, fyi ... so his beard would be really gay in the future, and yet, no" so I wasn't really surprised. kate looked hot.

So the questions are ... who was in the coffin? Is Kate with Sawyer (and she looks good w/ a little lip gloss)? Surely Charlie's not dead after all that?

And .... the really big hole for me ....

Oxy Jack says to caramalemocha latte chief surgeon with the eye lashes, "Go upstairs and see my dad, if I'm drunker than him, I'll leave."

How is Dr. Daddy Shepard (btw, any relation to Addison???) back among the living in a post-island world?????