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Big Blogger is Watching

Big Blogger 2007

Nominations may (or may not) have closed for this year's Big Blogger, and I'm nervously awaiting large men in dark cloaks and double-secret "thou shalt not be racialist" contracts to whisk me out of tonight's Life Club meeting, and toss me into a houseful of we-eat-Americans-for-breakfast writers charming British bloggers who have no idea who I am.

Then again, the sorting hat might choose to just spit on my name, rather than spit it out. Truth be told, I've already been surprisingly included in one fabulous British blogging event this year and one recurring cool project that with a decidedly British bent (come on y'all in the States ... more nominations!) , so I shan't bemoan any want of Blighty blogceptance.

Still ... it'd be a fun way to kill a few hours a day between lesson plans and a creative writing course I may or may not be taking. Oh, and thinking about moving flats.*

Fingers crossed.

* That got your attention, didn't it? More news as it develops ... or doesn't.


I'm going into the house. Am very nervous to be amidst such illustrious company (and the others as well). Fortunately, I have some dimestore diazepam to take the edge off and I'm so much more clever when sedated.

So many decisions. Do I just be myself and let the others "play their game"? Do I lie low or do I come in all shooting from both barrels (bet you didn't know I could do that, didja)? Do I fashion myself into a whacked-out, narcissistic, substance abusing ... (hey, shut up, that's not funny) ... caricature that the audience just loves to hate? Do I take fashion advice from Jodie Marsh or Kamal? And what about my secret sex .... oh! If I say it, it won't be a secret anymore. Shhhhh.

Most importantly ... what will my catchphrase be? All the good ones have been taken ... "Who is she!?!" ... "I'm cooking the books for the very first time, woo hooo, wooo hooo" ... "Just shut up and open the envelope" ... (oh, wait, that was Amazing Race)

And will the rest of the house realize that I'm a twin, secretly moving in and out of the rooms, spying on everyone and reporting back directly to little furtive blogger?

I just hope I'm not the first one to get voted out.