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I'm Janet ...


Big Blogger 2007

Janet Van De Graaff ....

I don't wanna show off no more.
I don't wanna big blog no more.
I don't wanna pimp votes no more.
I don't wanna show off.

But rules are rules and in this case, Big Blogger has stated ...

So this means that Big Blogger wants you to pimp like you've never pimped before. Call in all those favours, blackmail your boss, put ads in the local paper, whore yourself at work - do everything you can possibly think of to get people (and as many people as you can) to vote for you.

So go here, clicky on the Bob, then clicky on the Vote. Then tell all your friends to do it. Then pimp me on your blog. Then remember it ends this Sunday when it goes back to vote to evict. Don't vote for me then. Vote for me now.

Thank you. Because ...

I've put Big Blogger on a pedestal
And now I really want to stay
And I have some more time
But need votes to call mine
So I'm not sent out into the fray
Far away ...

:: :: ::

Oh, did I mention I saw London production of "The Drowsy Chaperone" last night? And it might still be a little fresh in my head? Sorry about that.

Bob Martin is still amazing. They've reworked the book ever so slightly, taking advantage of across-the-pond transfer jokes, British people appreciating humour rather than laughing at it, and making a slew of short jokes at the expense of a certain diminutive diva named Elaine Page.

We won't have a word said against her.

But she does sort of channel Norma Desmond mugging her way through playing the chaperone. She's very good, but has got nothing on Beth Leavel.

One thing especially amused me prior to the show ...

I haven't seen that much soft-focused photography through Vaseline since Lucy did "Mame".

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