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Tuesday 200 - #49

“Ain’t you cute,” I said to the young woman ringing me up at Wal-Mart the other day. “I’ll call you Pink Lady.”

She giggled, her light brown cheeks taking on the color of her rose-colored head scarf.

“That’s a hijab, ain’t it?” I asked, trying not to show off. Hell, if they were going to start working in our neighborhood, I figured I might as well know what they’re wearin’. I ain’t narrow-minded, like some *other* folk I know around town.

“It’s so nice for customers to be friendly to me,” she said. “Some people here most rude.”

“Don’t I know.”

I thanked her kindly and told her to enjoy her day, it was fixin to be a scorcher.

“Yes,” she said, wiping her brow. “Already I most very hot.”

“Well, I can imagine, what with that sheet wrapped your head …”

“Security!” she shouted

Blue lights flashed and an air horn blared. Guards rushed to the checkout.

“What? Am I the millionth customer?” I yelled. “Did I win something? Is that Ed McMahon?.”

Sweet wounded allah on a star o' David. You’d have thought *I* was the terrorist or something.

Judge says sensitivity training starts next week.

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