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Mother of the Year Nomination

I was in the Tube station yesterday, and came across a very protected mother, pushing an overpriced baby carriage (they're everywhere, I tell you, everywhere).

"Are you sure he's strapped in?" she asked her friend, who was in front of the pram.

"Yeah, he's good," she replied.

"What about his arms? Are his arms strapped in?" She sounded almost panicked about the whole thing.

"He's fine," her friend assured her.

All this concern was very touching indeed. It's just a shame the mom didn't check the security of her baby before she put him on a 45-degree downward angle, facing forward on an escalator.

I was going to use this as a Tuesday 200, but there's not an ounce of fiction in it.

Two more days to vote ... that means vote today and tomorrow. Please spread the word!

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