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Supply Stage Fright

I was so nervous this morning. Stomach in knots to the point of feeling a little queasy.

It was all because I had a new class ... a real class this week, as opposed to the 1:1s and 2:1s I've been doing in the Executive Center (which are, in fact, real classes ... you know what I mean). Last week the head of HR for the General English school asked me to pick up a week of General English ... eleven advanced students. I said sure.

Turns out they're lovely. Very funny and very enthusiastic. I played a gossip game with them today, where they each have a identity role card to work with, all living on the same street and trying to figure out what all their neighbors are doing. One of them, of course, is a secret agent and he has to lie the whole time. The previous teacher had clued me in to which one to pick, and he was a natural. They were all a riot, coming up with all kinds of devious scenarios, and I'm now looking forward to spending the week with them.

I'm off to be Supply Life Club host tonight as our fearless leader has gone away to write for a few weeks. Should be interesting to run the workshop I used to attend. Trouble is, I'll miss the end of the Big Blogger countdown. So y'all keep an eye out for me and if the margin starts shrinking, call in a favor or two with your friends.

Because you've already voted, haven't you?

Big Blogger 2007

It's all over tonight at 9pm. Help make my mama proud. She's so tired of saying her son never wins anything.