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Dark Victory

"If a Director of Studies asks you to work more than 20 or 25 hours, be very wary."

We was told this a couple of times during our CELTA training, by the DOS for the teacher training program.

I've just gotten through the second day of my second 35-hours-in-the-classroom week. I wasn't wary, and now I'm weary. I'm not whingeing though ... I'm completely enjoying it all, just finding it hard to do everything else (like run, eat right, answer emails, work on my creative writing class, etc). And I've hosted two Life Clubs workshops this week, both of which turned out very well for very different reasons. It's a good busy.

Ironically, this week's topic is "Saying No."

Speaking of, thanks a kajillion to everyone who didn't say "no" when it came to voting for me at Big Blogger. With your support, I'm happy to be able to quote Judith Traherne, "Excuse me, kids, I've won a prize."

I've been awarded the dubious distinction of BB2007, and now we can put all it behind us.

I know, I know, you're going to miss it, all you silent people out there in the dark. Oh wait, I was doing Bette Davis movies, not Sunset Boulevard.

If you'd like one more look (see what I did there?), click here for my fond farewell to Big Blogger. It'll be as if we never said goodbye.

Now I'm off to plant my perennials, or at least polish up a Tuesday 200.