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Stranger than Fiction

I've got some Edam cheese in the fridge and on the label it says ...

Suitable for Vegetarians

For whom did the people who make cheese labels think they had to include this information? For vegetarians? Surely they know what they can and and can't eat ... they've chosen to be on said dietary regime. Maybe it's for friends of vegetarians.

"Irv, I think Sally's become a vegetarian. Can she eat the cheese?"

"I dunno Miriam, but I ain't having none of that tofu shit. Heat me up a can of beans an franks."

:: :: ::

So I'm having a lovely chat with my Italian princess this morning and she's telling me how sad she is because her boyfriend's now in New York and she's stuck in London learning English.

She seemed to be having problems wrapping her head around the five hours difference between time zones.

"Yes," I told her, "there's a 5-hour difference between here and Manhattan."

"Well that's so weird, because at home (in Rome) there's a 6-hour difference. And there's an hour difference between London and Rome."

"Exactly," I said, cueing up the next listening exercise.

"So why isn't it a 7-hour difference?"

And she was dead serious. I pulled up Google maps and tried to explain.

I fear learning English is the least of her worries.