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So Much for a Sunday

So endeth the movie weekend. Saw a couple at the cinema and several more on DVD or cable.

The winner, by far, was Hot Fuzz. Maybe it's because I just saw Shaun of the Dead last weekend, but I thought it was a hoot and will require repeated viewings. I suppose I know need to add Spaced to my list of things to watch.

The second-most enjoyable film of the weekend was Hallam Foe. It's a twisted little dramedy and was a perfect afternoon at the movies. Jamie Bell gives a very strong performance.

The Simpsons Movie was a good giggle, but there have been much funnier episodes on TV Can't say anybody needs to rush out and see it if they haven't already.

Historical films left me cold this weekend, and I bailed on DVD viewings of The Last King of Scotland and The Wind that Shakes the Barley, opting to catch up with people had temporarily disappeared from my world and recently found their way into my in box.

The B&B is reopening tonight with a late-night arrival of AJC, who is taking a year off from teaching kindergarten to travel the world. First stop is London for an indeterminate stay. Bless, he's had a year to plan, but has decided to "be Bedouin about the whole thing." How decidedly un-Virgo of him. Fortunately, Little Beirut is just two blocks away, so he'll feel right at home. Or maybe we'll send him to visit Eduardo in Abu Dhabi.

I figure after a couple weeks he'll grow weary of our boring little world and head off to the Continent, but in the meantime it will be fun to have an old friend around. Rumours are that the B&B might not be around for more than a few more months, so y'all enjoy it when you can.

Ohh. And here he is now.