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Homeward Bound

Well gee, that was fun. And fast. And sort of a blur.

We're in the BA lounge at JFK. All hail business travel and the perks that come with it, or at least (these days) being partnered to it.

This was my second trip back to Manhattan this year and, as much as I enjoy seeing my friends and taking in the familiar sights (the smells and sounds I can do without, thanksverymuch), I'm once again pleased to be heading back to a more comfortable London lifestyle. I loved living here, but being a tourist (or even a hotel resident) in this town is exhausting.

I'm also aswirl in DILF fantasies ... not so much having one as becoming one. I'm feeling decidedly unsexy as of late. Time to get back to the gym do some serious reshaping/detoxing/blah blah. I feel fat and puffy and old and tired. I totally fell out of the running routine (they'll be no Great North Run for us this year) and I shamefully haven't been to the gym since before Africa. Maybe a new regime with some visible results will make me feel a little better. I seem to have reinvented my life over the past six months, now it's time to reinvent my body.

Am I just being stupid and self-critical? Surely there are some 45-50 year old (who look younger, natch) hotties you'd recommend to go into my inspiration book. Let the list begin ...