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Save the Oompa Loompa, Save the World

I made a series of schoolboy errors yesterday and am feeling a bit jet lagged because of it.

1. I didn't sleep much on the plane ride home. Said no to the Ambien and sat in my cozy cubicle watching Dexter and 30 Rock on my laptop.

2. Got home and fell asleep on the sofa. My cat nap turned into a few hours. Circadian rhythms be damned.

3. Couldn't wake up and decided to go to the gym for my first workout in ages at 6pm. Decided to go to bed at half-eleven and tossed and turned for ninety minutes.

4. Went into the living room to let the TV lull me to sleep. Ended up watching all of the Emmys and falling asleep on the sofa around 4:30 am. Larry accidentally woke me up an hour later when he was taking his cycle out of the flat to go to work.

5. I stumbled into bed and then hit snooze until 8 am, which is when I wanted to be at school this morning. D'oh. I really should know better, given the number of times I've made this journey in the last five years.

:: :: ::

So. The Emmys. I found them a bit odd. Not sure I get the "green" no-set thing. I think it's more of a charade than an actual carbon-neutral event. Although I think that about most allegedly eco-friendly things these days. Does that make me eco-cynical?

Did they really have to give Ricky Gervais best actor? That's just ridiculous. Wake up every one.

Either my TV's colour is way fubar, or Hollywood needs an immediate fake-tan intervention. The cheerleader from Heroes looked like an oompa loompa (who told her a billowy empire waist on a midget was a good idea?).

Okay then. Must focus and try to adjust to my time zone. It's good to be home.