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It's an Entirely Different Kind of Flying Altogether

I'm taking a training course next week to teach Aviation English (pay no attention to the scary, but sort of cute, Max Headroom guy on their homepage).

The International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) has decided that all airline and helicopter pilots who fly internationally, and all air traffic controllers who provide services to international flights must have a minimum level of English. This level of English must be demonstrated before March 2008.

This isn't just making sure that flight attendants can wrap their tongues around "coffee, tea, or me."

I'm pretty excited to be chosen for the program. I'm in the first batch of teachers to be trained in this new curriculum, which will be a joint venture between Mayflower College and my school. I guess it either mean means not many people wanted to do it or that I'm doing something right even though I'm still pretty much a new kid on the block.

Or maybe I should say having only recently "gotten my wings."