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I Had a Dream

Many years ago, I went to a healer in New York. She really was quite amazing ... lots of energy work along with very deep massage and some chakra cleansing/alignment.

During one of my treatments, she told me she sensed a lot of psychic energy, and that if I ever had a dream about her, I should let her know immediately.

I never dreamed about her.

Over the last two nights, I've had dreams which have included a long lost friend of mine. The dreams weren't necessarily about her, but she's had a significant guest starring role.

The other recurring theme is that, in both dreams, there was news that someone I know has died. Both people are very much alive (as far as I know) and while they're not in my day-to-day doings, they're are often in my thoughts.

I won't name names for fear of jinxing things, and I'm certainly not going to ring them up and say, "Hi, long time no talk ... just been dreaming about you ... and your death ... yeah, right ... Happy New Year to you too ... cheers."

What is it that Freud said, "sometimes a funeral procession is just a funeral procession."

No ... that can't be right.