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Who's the Daddy?

It seems I am. Blog daddy, that is.

Ladies and germs, boys and berries, I'm proud to present the newest member of the blogosphere, my darling Daisyfae at Trailer Park Refugee.

And she's introduced me to a new favorite read, Nurse Myra ... who's "about" page should pretty much make anybody want to read her regularly.

Good news:
Saw two new flats today, both very livable and we agreed on which of the two we favored.

More good news: Seeing more tomorrow.

Better news: We booked the garden leave holiday this morning. We leave next Wednesday evening for nine days. Wanna know where? Here's a clue. Odd, I thought we'd narrowed it down to Mauritius, the Maldives or Goa. Never a dull moment.

Interesting news: Meeting with the department head of MA in Creative Writing program on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure I want to grad school in the fall, at least when I'm not arguing with myself about being too old, too wishy-washy, too unfocused, too neurotic, too blah blah blah.

Weird news: Seriously ... what's happening to all the dinner forks? We're down to five.

Question of the day: Where did Richard LaGravenese go wrong? The Ref is one of my all-time favorite films. Living Out Loud and The Fisher King are inspired (or at least have moments of inspiration*). I saw P.S. I Love You last night and inspired is not a word that comes to mind. Though if one were playing Scrabble and had those letters, all one would need is another 'i' and one could spell an appropriate adjective.

* I worked with a woman in Chicago who was RL's ex. She says (if memory serves) she used to run around the apartment yelling "I'm Anne Morrow Lindbergh, and I can't find my baby." Boys are horrible ... they'll smash your heart then steal your catchphrase.