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Tuesday 200 — #72

We got the prettiest invitation in the mail today. Right fancy. Shelia from next door saw it, she was over for a cup of coffee and a slice of rhubarb pie when the mail come. Says it’s hand engraved on something called translucent vellum and they ain’t got nothing like that down at the Kinko’s. Says Jonah must have spent a near fortune. Upwards of a four or five bucks a shot, depending on how many he had made up. Hell, he musta won the lottery or something.

That Jonah, you never know what he’s gonna come up with. Remember when he and Connie had us all over to watch “The Poseidon Adventure” on his video tape machine and then turned all the furniture over when the boat flipped? Then he kept rewinding it and making Connie hold her breath when that fat lady swam underwater. Ha!

He’s asked us all down to The Cherokee next Saturday for something called a “Happy Ex-iversary party.” Says it’s been one year of freedom and it’s high time to celebrate. One year already. Has Connie been gone that long?

Seems like just last month the sheriff was around, asking all them questions.

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