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Do You Own Your Organs?

The headlines today are buzzing with a proposed new policy about automatic organ donation.

Anybody feel strongly one way or the other? I really don't see the downside, unless people start stalking others for their dirty pretty things. And near as I can tell, we haven't had a "they stole my kidney" story for a really long time.

Hmmm, I probably could use a new liver. But really, it would be a lot of work to find a non-drinker who has my blood type and then start stalking them, accidentally tossing banana peels in their path.

I guess the bigger question is should the government have the right to create an "opt out" rather than "opt in" system, using the dead to prolong its living citizens' lives?

Or should we just start cloning? Oh, wait, I read that novel (don't click if you don't want a spoiler ... but then you won't know what book I'm talking about. How's that for a Catch-22?)