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Fuggit, let's go to Phuket

Argh. I'm feeling a little discombobulated. Been running around for the past few days and I'm not quite sure exactly where my head is. But don't feel bad for me because we're walking out the door about an hour to go to Thailand for 9 days.

In the meantime ...

* I may or may not write a Tuesday 200 for yesterday and/or next week. We'll just see what happens on the plane, at the beach, etc.

* We've found a few places that might be suitable to move to, but have balked on making any offers till we get back. If they're meant to be, they'll be on the market in nine or so days. If not, then kay sarah kay sarah.

* My grandma's in the hospital with a touch of the pancreatic cancer. This cannot be good. I hope she stays pain free and that she's getting the rest she needs and/or wants. She's quite the trooper, and deserves absolutely no discomfort. Any body that sees her, please remind Bunny I love her very very much.

* I've got a 'cheery' little ditty being published on Six Sentences tomorrow. Go on over and have a gander if you like. There's some great writing that goes up there every day, and I'm chuffed to have a few more turning up there over the next few weeks as well. I'll keep you posted.

* The beach beckons.

Peace out.